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St. Brendan's National School, Cartron Point, Sligo

Energy Savers


We have an Energy Savers Team in our school to help us to reduce the amount of electricity and heat that we use. 

Our aims are:

  1. To reduce the amount of electricity and heating gas that the school uses.
  2. To save money for the school through cutting back on wasted electricity and gas.
  3. To teach pupils how to cut back on energy use at home to save money for their families.
  4. To contribute to the efforts to save our planet. Reducing energy use cuts back on greenhouse gases, reduces carbon footprints and reduces global warming.

Our team is made up of pupils from 5th/6th classes:

Luke, Tracy, Croia, Ali

The Energy Savers ran a poster competition. They went around local businesses themselves with a letter from the school and collected prizes and sponsorship. They did so well that we were able to keep some prizes for another event which we will tell you about before Christmas!

Thank you so much to our sponsors. They were very, very generous:

  • Ronan Taheny Logistics Collooney 
  • Coyle’s Centra 
  • Omniplex Cinema 
  • Nice Price
  • Record Room
  • Euro Shop 
  • Tesco 
  • Bistro Bianconi 
  • O’ Briens café 
  • You & Me 
  • Healthwise Pharmacy 
  • John Kent Sports
  • Wards Pharmacy 
  • Carraig Donn 
  • Five Star Fun 
  • Supermacs
  • Lidl 
  • Gary Cycles
  • The Four Lanterns
  • Liber Bookshop
28th Oct 2022
Thank you to Anastasia from 5th class who designed the logo for our Energy Savers...