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St. Brendan's National School, Cartron Point, Sligo

Halloween in St. Brendan's

Halloween is always a special time in St. Brendan's NS. For weeks children make spooktacular works of art and learn the history of Halloween from its ancient celtic roots in Ireland to how it is celebrated now in other countries around the world.

An exciting dress-up day and Halloween assembly is always eagerly awaited on the school calendar. Each class perform songs and/or poems and a parade takes place to show off the costumes that they have made. Prizes are awarded for the most creative.

Last year, we took to the streets of Cartron for our Halloween parade and were joined by a large group of parents, grandparents, siblings and friends. The people of Cartron honked their horns, waved and cheered as our happy group passed by, waving ghosts, banging our boomwhackers, chanting and singing our favourite Halloween tunes.

27th Oct 2023
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27th Oct 2023
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23rd Oct 2023
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