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St. Brendan's National School, Cartron Point, Sligo

St. Brendan's NS Notification of Pupil Absence Form

Schools are obliged to keep detailed records of student absences together with the reasons for such absences. Students who are absent for 20 days or more during the school year have to be reported to the Education Welfare Board. Reports must be submitted by specified dates during the year.

Categories of absences to be reported to Education Welfare Board:
A - Illness
B - Urgent Family Reasons e.g. Bereavement
C - Expelled
D - Suspended
E - Other (Use Comment Column) e.g. holidays
F - Unexplained - the school has not received a written explanation for absence
G - Transfer to another school

To enable the school to fulfil its obligations under the Education Welfare Act parents/guardians are asked to complete this form and return it to the class teacher on the day immediately following each period of student absences.

The roll call will be taken at 10.10 a.m.  Children who are not present when the roll is taken will be marked absent.

Parents/guardians should complete the form using the reference above to categorise their child/rens absence, using categories A, B, or E as appropriate.

The school will complete sections C, D, F, or G where appropriate.

Junior Infants
Senior Infants
First and Second
An Cuan Junior Class
An Cuan Senior Class
B- Urgent Family reasons eg bereavement
C- Expelled
D- Suspended
E- Other (please give reason in comment box below)
F- Unexplained- the school has not received a written explanation for absence
G- Transfer to another school